Personalized Injury
Recovery Programs

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Do you feel like you have fallen through the cracks of the health care system?

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Are you still not feeling 100% after working with your physical therapist or visiting your doctor?

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Would you like to consult with a Doctor of Physical Therapy you know and trust, receive a customized rehab program without stepping foot into a doctor's office or physical therapy clinic?

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How our programs help
you to reclaim
your life!

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Compared to insurance-based physical therapy, our programs offer significantly more freedom, flexibility, and long-lasting benefits to help you get rid of pain and restore your quality of life.

We are not bound by insurance restrictions or regulations; therefore, we can focus our energy on providing you with everything you the personalized attention you need to recover from persistent injuries.

We view you as a highly valued client rather than another patient in an overloaded healthcare system.

Our programs work great for those with chronic, persistent injuries when your insurance no longer covers you to continue with rehab.

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Avoid setbacks and
delays to your recovery.

The do-it-yourself approach can lead to failure due to following the wrong exercise program. Every person has a unique situation with their injury; therefore, each program should be personalized.

Setbacks and making your injury worse are real concerns when trying to rehab without an assessment and guidance from a physical therapist. It's easy to fall behind in your recovery without accountability from us.

If you don't start one of our rehab programs, then we recommend you take action on some program to get rid of your pain. However, your risk of choosing the wrong program and getting a poor outcome increases when you try to do it on your own.

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Feel confident to
exercise and workout again.


Our programs will restore your confidence by gradually introducing new movements and exercise you can do without pain.

Over time, you will retrain your brain, increase your strength, and reconstruct new movement patterns to accomplish more than you thought was possible with your injury.

By the end of our program, you should feel empowered, independent, and hopeful to manage your injury better.

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Select the program
that describes what
you need most.

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