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“I herniated my disc year ago and my pain was getting worse. Before Evercore’s program, I was thought I was doing exercises good for me, but they actually led to more pain because I was not doing the right exercises. No one has ever helped me understand my injury like this before. I have zero lower back pain and sciatica now.”

Tina K.

“Traditional physical therapy wasn’t helping me and my chiropractor made me feel worse. In 2 months, Evercore helped me get back to weight lifting without neck and hip pain. I received the Evercore program as a birthday gift from my friends because I told them I wanted a new body for my birthday.”

Jeffrey P. 

"Dr. Marc is incredible. I am a college athlete that had an ACL reconstruction before. I recently partially dislocated my knee and Dr. Marc quickly prescribed the issue and helped me by testing my strength and range of motion. He is very intuitive and wise when it comes to connecting with people and knowing what’s going on with a person’s body regarding injuries. I would highly recommend going to Evercore Physical Therapy. They will take good care of you and get you back in shape in no time!"

Devan H.

"I threw my back out a few years ago and Dr. Marc was one of the first people I turned to. He gave immediate and ongoing advice to help relieve the pain and recover from the injury. His modifications for my workout routine helped me return to the gym quickly and with confidence. Also, follow him on Instagram! I'm constantly trying new stretches, squats, side planks, and other exercises I watch from his posts."

Paul W.

"Dr. Marc Robinson harnesses the power of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) that he has earned through a rigorous certification process. Patients are able to quickly and effectively return to their sport or activity after injury when guided by Dr. Marc. I have worked alongside Dr. Marc and attest to his unique skill set that is honed to help people seeking relief from musculoskeletal related pain."

Dr. Rhad Brown


"Working with Dr. Marc at Evercore has given me hope that chronic pain doesn't have to diminish my quality of life. He showed me that with a few simple adjustments to my daily movements and exercise regimen, I can actually alleviate the lingering pain that has hampered me for over a decade. I recommend Dr. Marc with nothing short of glowing praise, not only for his intuition on the mechanics of the body but also for his upbeat, hopeful and positive personality. Thanks, Evercore."

Derek E.

"Marc knows his stuff. I threw out my lower back while working on my truck and literally couldn't get out of bed for a few days. After some consultations, Marc gave me a few exercises and stretches that helped relieve a lot of the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing. Highly recommend."

John K.

"I'm a licensed physical therapist and an elected member of the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA). Marc has been a trusted colleague and friend of mine since 2017. He's breaking new ground in the world of rehab with Evercore and a lot of physical therapists look up to him for his experience, creativity and drive to help people. If you need to recover from an injury, Marc will help you get back to doing what you love."

Dr. Sarah Nalbandian

PT, DPT, Elected CPTA member