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Moving you towards
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Our mission: To help active people get rid of pain and stay active.

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Our vision: To provide the most sensible online injury recovery guidance in the universe.

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Our impact for 2021: We want to help over 1 million people feel better through our videos, articles, programs, and products.

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Introduction to Evercore

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In a world dominated by insurance restrictions and "old school" physical therapy clinics, Evercore provides injury recovery solutions for the modern world beyond what insurance companies can offer.

We recognize the fact that there are millions of people who continue to struggle with pain every day. We believe it is our mission to help these individuals live their best life possible.  

Our online physical therapy system is changing the game for people who still have pain after visiting their doctor and for those who feel like they are jumping hoops to get the help they need.


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Who started Evercore?

Evercore began as a partnership between physical therapist, Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT and internet entrepreneur, Sam Vanderwalk.

In 2016, Dr. Marc and Sam started brainstorming ideas while traveling in Costa Rica. In fact, their passion for traveling was one of their inspirations for developing rehab/fitness products for home and travel.

After 2 years of testing various ideas, they decided to focus on providing online rehab programs for active people with persistent injuries in addition to offering rehab products that can be used in these programs.

Specifically, they wanted to help those who still feel limited after visiting their doctor or insurance-based physical therapist.

Furthermore, they started another company called Active Atoms to provide nutritional support to promote healing and enhance injury recovery.

Currently, Active Atoms offers the highest potency turmeric supplement you can buy to support healthy levels of inflammation in the body and to provide an alternative to the long-term use of Ibuprofen and other pain medications.

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Pioneering a
new model of
physical therapy

In 1921, the profession of physical therapy was started in the United States after World War I. The profession grew rapidly in the 1940s and 1950s during the polio epidemic.

Today, physical therapists help everyone from children with neurological conditions to professional athletes with sports injuries.

There are many specialties in physical therapy much like there are different specialties of medical doctors. A new emerging specialty in physical therapy is called telehealth.

Telehealth in physical therapy involves meeting with a physical therapist online through a video platform like Skype or Zoom.

Through online consultations and analysis of your injury, we can help you alleviate pain and recover from injuries.

Over the next decade, telehealth will be the new normal in physical therapy but right now, most people don't realize the incredible potential it has to help millions of people.

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We are all over
social media and
the internet.

We believe in fostering a strong relationship with our clients. In order to connect with our future clients and community, we do our best to engage with you on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and our website.

Our website is the hub of all our information. On this website, you will find dozens of articles written by physical therapists to help you make better choices when recovering from injuries.

In addition, we provide YouTube videos to provide you with information that can empower you to live a great life.

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We are spreading
a message of hope
and optimism.

We get the sense that people are hurting from the inside and out. As physical therapists, we love to "nerd out" on the science of pain and injuries, but we care more about the emotions and feelings associated with your injury.

We understand that your pain or injury may be significantly impacting your quality of life and taking you away from activities you love or spending time with loved ones.

Our mission is to help you rid of pain and stay active. But, we also want to provide you with strength for the entire mind, body, and spirit to enable you to live a happy and purposeful life. 

Love for one another is at the core of Evercore and it is what motivates us to move you towards a better life.

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