To help active people that are down, to get up, and stay up.

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Our Story

The vision for Evercore began when physical therapist, Dr. Marc Robinson and entrepreneur, Sam Vandervalk were traveling in Costa Rica in December of 2016.

When they weren’t ziplining or playing with monkeys, Sam talked with Marc about working together in business. Various ideas were discussed and both left the trip with just ideas only.

The conversion picked up again after the trip and Marc was really firm that he wanted to stick with his passion to help people recover from injuries and help people get healthy again in a natural and lasting way.

Since Marc and Sam loved to travel, they decided to offer fitness and rehab products for travel workouts or physical therapy exercises at home.

However, their breakthrough product was discovered in the physical therapy clinic when Marc recognized a special pattern that has helped hundreds of different people with lower back pain and sciatica.

What is the special pattern? People who sit too much usually feel more pain when their lower back is held in a slouched position. They feel less pain when the arch of the lower back is supported by a rolled towel.

Instead of using a rolled towel, Marc added several premium upgrades to the design of a popular lower back support used by many physical therapists.

These upgrades included longer-lasting and more comfortable foam, a strong nylon strap with a buckle, and an overall stylish look that people loved.

After testing the Evercore lower back support with friends and family Evercore introduced the new back support. Some clients have been using it for almost 2 years and many have given testimonies about how it has helped them out with sitting in the office, home and the car.

You can learn more about the Evercore lower back support here.

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We educate you to reduce everyday aches and pains.

Marc enjoyed helping people in a physical therapy clinic at Sharp hospital; however, traveling opened his eyes to the fact that there are millions of people around the world who endure persistent pain. This pain limits them from playing sports and fully enjoying life.

He found that many people share a common frustration with the current healthcare system. They don’t feel like their medical treatment is targeting the source of their pain.

They are disappointed when they continue to struggle with pain after visiting their doctor. They don’t want to feel dependent on medications to enjoy their life. They feel helpless when they run out of options to get better.

While traveling, Marc had friends, family, and new acquaintances ask him for help with injuries. He found himself repeating a lot of the same information. At this point, he realized he could help more people by having them watch a video or read an article.

He started filming Instagram and YouTube videos to help those who are still dealing with aches and pains after visiting their doctor.


Our Instagram videos can be saved and archived for future reference. These videos cover a wide range of topics such as lower back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. We encourage you to share our Instagram page with your friends or clients who need help with injuries.

Our YouTube videos provide longer explanations to help you made better decisions when looking for a physical therapist or trying to get rid of your pain. We encourage you to share these videos with your friends and clients on social media platforms like Facebook and Linked In.

Our Instagram and YouTube videos may feel like a mix between talking to your doctor and working out with a personal trainer because we want to bridge the gap between rehab and fitness.

We believe collaboration between doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and coaches can help more people enjoy a life without feeling limited by pain. We want to promote as much collaboration as possible and work together for the good of others.


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You still have hope to get better.

We believe there is hope to feel better because the human body and spirit is capable of healing when you have the right information and mindset.

If you feel down right down, then we hope the our videos and articles will inspire you to get up and stay up. You are much closer to your goal than you think.

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How to use this website.

We designed this website to be user-friendly. The articles and videos on this website are categorized by body parts and the focus of our content is to provide you with information to help you make better decisions when recovering from injuries and getting rid of your pain.

At the end of the articles, we created helpful infographics that you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, or save to your photo album.

In addition, we have hundreds of 10-second exercise clips on our Instagram page with instructions showing you how to perform exercises with our products and get a stronger body.

We also have longer videos on our YouTube channel that answer the most common questions we receive about injuries.

If you need help with injuries, we also offer in-person or online personalized injury recovery exercise programs directly from Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT.

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What do we stand for?


We believe in telling the truth.


We believe in doing the right thing even if no one else is paying attention.


We believe in staying true to what we stand for.


We believe in creating a community of truth-seekers.


We believe in sharing information that is supported by the latest research.


We believe everyone should have the freedom to pursue health and happiness.


We believe in offering the best supplements available.

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We have a for-purpose business.

We have committed to donating at least 10% of our profits to fight against the exploitation of women and children sold into sex slavery.

Women and children around the world have their freedoms stripped away when they are manipulated and abused.

The exploitation of vulnerable people is against our belief that everyone should have the freedom to pursue health and happiness.

We believe companies should be giving back to people who need the most help. Giving back is a BIG reason why we started this company.

Please join us in the fight against sex slavery and those who manipulate people for evil purposes.

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