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What is telehealth physical therapy?

Telehealth physical therapy provides you with an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment from a physical therapist through a "virtual clinic" using a secure video platform.

Telehealth physical therapy is fast, easy, and convenient

Everything has changed. Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, you may need to do exercises at home instead of going to a physical therapy clinic. In response to this problem, we are focusing on providing you with structured treatment and rehab programs from a telehealth physical therapy specialist.

Types of injuries we can help you with

Neck pain (disc injuries, strains, arm tingling)

Shoulder pain (rotator cuff strains, frozen shoulder)

Lower back pain (disc herniations, sciatica, chronic pain)

Hip pain (labral tears, groin strains, general stiffness)

Knee pain (meniscus tears, ACL injuries, arthritis)

Foot/Ankle pain (plantar fasciitis, ankle surgery, ankle sprains)


Types of injuries we can help you with

Neck pain (disc injuries, strains, car accidents)

Shoulder pain (rotator cuff strains, weakness)

Lower back pain (disc herniations, sciatica, arthritis)

Hip pain (labral tears, groin strains, impingement)

Knee pain (meniscus tears, ACL injuries, arthritis)

Foot/Ankle pain (plantar fasciitis, ankle surgery, ankle sprains)

What are the benefits of
telehealth physical therapy with us?

Stay out of a germy clinic

Stay out of a
germy clinic

Avoid traffic, save time, and protect yourself from people who are sick

Convenient and personalized care

Convenient and
personalized care

Finally, get your questions and concerns answered by someone who will carefully listen to you

Transparent and simple price

Transparent and
simple price

Flat cash rate. No hassle with insurance companies or huge deductibles

How it works

w Schedule appointment

Choose your plan

Book your one-on-one appointment with Dr. Marc or choose one of our low-cost rehab programs. Next, select your start date on the calendar.

w Confirm your info

Describe your pain

A health questionnaire and an
informed consent form will be sent to your email. Submit the forms before you begin.

w See your provider

Begin your rehab program

Save yourself a visit to the doctor and get started with a treatment plan immediately.

Meet Your Virtual
Physical Therapy Provider:
Dr. Marc Robinson

I am a doctor of physical therapy and I have mastered telehealth physical therapy. I've been doing it for three years when many physical therapists didn't even think it was possible.

My training is in the area of post-surgical protocol, pain management, exercise prescription, physical therapy, and motivational coaching. I am also certified in the McKenzie Method, a prestigious post-doctorate training system scientifically-proven to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal pain.

I care about you, your fitness, and helping you feel your best. I am here to give you the tools and education to help you enjoy life again.


Why is Dr. Marc the smart choice for telehealth
physical therapy?

Caroline and Mark

He is a certified provider of the McKenzie Method.

The McKenzie Method is a prestigious, post-doctorate certification and scientifically-proven system to accurately diagnose and treat musculoskeletal pain. In many cases, pain is coming from another source in your body. The McKenzie method allows us to find the true source of your pain so we can fix it rather than mask it with pain medications. This approach is what you need when nothing else has helped you.

He is one of the most experienced and skilled physical therapists offering telehealth.

You may wonder, how can physical therapy be done online? Tens of thousands of people have already been helped by Dr. Marc's popular educational videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Dr. Marc has discovered the special ingredients to help you reduce pain effectively with video consultations, Facebook support groups, easy-to-access exercise videos, and simple scheduling. He has created a huge online community of people dealing with the same injury as you. Let's get started on your rehab now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Standard of Care - The Evercore 5 E’s

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Empathy – treating you like a close friend or family member

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Efficient – spend less time achieving the same result

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Effective – doing the right exercises in the right order

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Evidence – using the latest research to guide our decisions. Continually looking at new research.

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Experience – using our combined real-life experiences and your interests to tailor your program just for you.

"I want to thank Dr. Marc with Evercore for giving me my life back. A year ago, I injured my lower back running a half marathon. I was in bed unable to move. I missed two months of work. The last thing on my mind was running again. I had a lot of fear of aggravating my injury so all I did was rest. I started seeing Dr. Marc about two months ago. He had me do some exercises and I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. A week ago, I ran my first run after my injury. Thank you, Dr. Marc, for everything that you do!" 

Edwin G. - Lower back pain

I herniated my disc year ago and my pain was getting worse. Before Evercore’s program, I was thought I was doing exercises good for me, but they actually led to more pain because I was not doing the right exercises. No one has ever helped me understand my injury like this before. I have zero lower back pain and sciatica now.

Tina K. - Lower back pain

Dr. Marc is incredible. I am a college athlete that had an ACL reconstruction before. I recently partially dislocated my knee and Dr. Marc quickly prescribed the issue and helped me by testing my strength and range of motion. He is very intuitive and wise when it comes to connecting with people and knowing what’s going on with a person’s body regarding injuries. I would highly recommend going to Evercore Physical Therapy. They will take good care of you and get you back in shape in no time!

Devin H. ACL surgery return to football

Dr. Marc Robinson harnesses the power of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) that he has earned through a rigorous certification process. Patients are able to quickly and effectively return to their sport or activity after injury when guided by Dr. Marc. I have worked alongside Dr. Marc and attest to his unique skill set that is honed to help people seeking relief from musculoskeletal related pain.

Dr. Rhad Brown PT, DPT, Dipl. MDT - McKenzie Method Instructor

Working with Dr. Marc at Evercore has given me hope that chronic pain doesn't have to diminish my quality of life. He showed me that with a few simple adjustments to my daily movements and exercise regimen, I can actually alleviate the lingering pain that has hampered me for over a decade. I recommend Dr. Marc with nothing short of glowing praise, not only for his intuition on the mechanics of the body but also for his upbeat, hopeful and positive personality. Thanks, Evercore.

Derek E. - lower back and hip pain

I threw my back out a few years ago and Dr. Marc was one of the first people I turned to. He gave immediate and ongoing advice to help relieve the pain and recover from the injury. His modifications for my workout routine helped me return to the gym quickly and with confidence. Also, follow him on Instagram! I'm constantly trying new stretches, squats, side planks, and other exercises I watch from his posts.

Paul W. - Lower back pain

The Evercore Guarantee

We will do our best to help you do things you didn't think were possible.

We will listen carefully to every detail of your injury that may have been overlooked by others. We will provide you with professional, scientifically-sound rehab programs that incorporate a "whole person" approach to help you enjoy life again.

This is our commitment to you. If your situation changes or something happens outside your control and you are unable to continue the program, then you can stop the program and we will do our best to find you another solution.

guarantee 100

“We will go above and beyond for you until you are fully satisfied with your recovery!

To your health,

Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT Lead Physical Therapist
Co-founder of Evercore


Now is the time to take action and feel better. Don't let your health slip away from you.

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