Hear what our clients have to say about physical therapy with Dr. Marc.

Tina 2 crop

“I had sciatica and leg pain. I saw Dr. Marc for two visits and my pain is completely gone and has not returned.”

Tina K.

Wassim crop

 “Dr. Marc helped me to eliminate my back pain. He taught me how to lift weights with better form. Now, I can lift more weight at the gym without pain and my posture has improved.”

Wassim H.


“I had low back surgery (fusion at L5/S1) 10 years ago. Dr. Marc taught me information that was different than anything I have learned during the 20 years I have struggled with back pain. I was skeptical at first because I didn't think anyone could help me, but I was truly surprised by his knowledge."

Cyndi S.

Debbie crop

“I had knee pain and Dr. Marc helped me to eliminate my pain. I am 60 years and I am stronger now than at any point in my life."

Debbie L.

David crop

“I had back and leg pain for months. Dr. Marc gave me exercises and my pain immediately went away. Now, I can run and bike with no pain. Thanks to Dr. Marc, I can live the lifestyle I want without any fear or hesitation."

David L.


“I wish I met Dr. Marc years ago when I first had lower back pain and sciatica. He would have saved me years of frustration and may have prevented my back surgery (fusion at L5/S1). I had bad experiences with medical doctors my whole life. Dr. Marc has given me hope to get stronger. "

Ilina C.

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