Knee programs
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Do your knees hurt when squatting at the gym, running, walking downhill, or playing sports?

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Are you still experiencing pain in your knees after visiting your doctor or physical therapist?

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Do you want to avoid surgery for a meniscus tear, ACL tear, or knee arthritis?

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Right now, you
experience knee pain
or your knee feels weak.

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Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in those who are active or like to play sports.

The knee is susceptible to injuries when running, playing soccer, basketball, football, tennis, or other sports that place a heavy demand at the knee.

You may feel a sharp pain underneath your knee cap when you run or along the side of your knee joint. Or you may have clicking or popping in your knee that causes discomfort with certain activities like kneeling.

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Knee pain can be alleviated with a
personalized and structured approach.

Each person will have a unique set of characteristics that separates their knee pain from everyone else's experience. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all program will not be as effective as a personalized program.

Our personalized programs are developed based on your assessment from a physical therapist rather than a generic recommendation of exercises without a thorough assessment.

Furthermore, each program is structured and progressed in a systematic manner based on objective measures obtained during your initial assessment and throughout "checkpoints" in your program.

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Select the knee program
that describes what
you need most.

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ACL Rehab Programs

Runner's Knee Programs

Knee Arthritis Programs