Runner's knee program
for women

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Do you get pain in your knee while running?

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Are you feeling limited when trying to run longer distances due to sharp or achy pain?

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Would you like to know the right exercises to run 5-10 miles without knee pain?

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You feel knee pain
while running.

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Running is one of your favorite activities or at least you enjoy it enough to make it part of your weekly routine; however, you feel knee pain right now.  

You might have stopped running completely or significantly reduced your distance due to this pain.

You know it's important to eliminate this knee pain and prevent it from coming back, but it's not going away as it has in the past.

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We help runners
keep running!

Why motivates you to run? You may run to reduce stress, stay in shape, hang out with your friends, or challenge yourself to see how strong you are.

Whatever the reason, we want to help you keep running without aggravating your knee.

Our personalized exercise program will be based on your specific situation and tailored to help you reach your running goals.

This is not a cookie-cutter program. We will analyze your movements and strength to determine exactly what exercises will help you eliminate knee pain, finish a 5K, and achieve whatever goals you have in mind!

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What are the benefits of our program?

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Reduce pain in your knee

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Improve running mechanics and minimize joint stress

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Start running again without aggravating your knee

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Feel confident to increase your running cadence and distance

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Learn how to avoid
flare-ups and setbacks

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Start running again
without knee pain!

Many of our clients are able to reduce or fully eliminate their knee pain by consistently following the exercises in our program.

We understand that you don't just want to reduce pain. You also want to stay fit and prevent future running injuries. We'll do our best to help you reach those goals.

Individual results may vary depending on the severity of your injury, but we'll commit 100% effort to provide you with a structured plan to help your knee feel strong and confident while running.

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How does our program work?

step 1

Initial assessment with Dr. Marc Robinson, DPT

The first part of our program begins with an initial 30-minutes assessment online or in-clinic.

During the assessment, we'll analyze your movement, test your strength, and discuss your injury in detail.

step 1 nitial assessment
step 2

Custom exercise program

Based on the results of your assessment, we’ll send you a customized rehab program with photos, written instructions and videos.

The program can be accessed through the client log-in portal on our website or through an app compatible with phones and tablets.

step 2 custom experience program
step 3

Private Facebook group

As a bonus, we offer a private Facebook group for extra support, motivation, and advice.

Participation in the group is optional, but we recommend reading the posts, commenting, and watching the videos in this community to maximize your experience.

step 3 private Facebookgroup
step 4

Email support

For additional advice, you can email us questions regarding your recovery.

We’ll provide support for questions that can be answered via email for 1 month to help you follow-through with your program.

step 4 Email support
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We provide the
"nuts and bolts"
of your knee recovery.

Imagine working with a physical therapist and a personal trainer at the same time. This would provide you with the medical expertise of a physical therapist and the strength training background of a personal trainer. That is exactly what it feels like to be doing our program.

Our runner's knee program bridges the gap between rehab and fitness because your insurance company does not provide the coverage to bridge this gap properly.

We are able to provide you services above and beyond what your insurance can offer you and you will not regret choosing our program.

What do you get with our program
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Save yourself a trip
to the clinic.

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In addition to in-clinic assessments, we provide online assessment through a video conferencing platform.

The convenience of consulting with an experienced physical therapist online at home will save you time compared to driving to a clinic or going through your primary care doctor.

We do not need a referral from your primary care doctor because we are specialized Doctors of Physical Therapy.

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What exactly do you get?

Your custom rehab program includes:


30-minute initial assessment with Dr. Marc

($199 value)


Custom exercise program with photos and videos

($199 value)


Membership to private Facebook group for 6 months

($99 value)


Email support to help you when you need it most

($99 value)

Total Value:


Your Price:

You Save:



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What should you know before starting this program?


You must be cleared by your doctor before starting any exercise program.

The intention of our program is to help you recover from runner's knee and maintain proper running habits above what standard physical therapy can offer you.

Expectations with our program
What should you know before starting this program
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Who should start this program?

Women who feel pain in their knee while running or after running

Women who are motivated to reduce their knee pain by doing an exercise program

Anatomy. Knee Joint Cross Section Showing the major parts which made the knee joint For Basic Medical Education Also for clinics
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Who should NOT start this program?

knee arthrosis

Women who have not been cleared by their doctor to exercise 

Women who are currently working with a physical therapist (see us if you still have pain afterward)

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What other people are saying?

Dr. Marc is incredible. I am a college athlete that had an ACL reconstruction before. I recently partially dislocated my knee and Dr. Marc quickly prescribed the issue and helped me by testing my strength and range of motion. He is very intuitive and wise when it comes to connecting with people and knowing what’s going on with a person’s body regarding injuries. I would highly recommend going to Evercore Physical Therapy. They will take good care of you and get you back in shape in no time!

Devon H.

Dr. Marc Robinson harnesses the power of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) that he has earned through a rigorous certification process. Patients are able to quickly and effectively return to their sport or activity after injury when guided by Dr. Marc. I have worked alongside Dr. Marc and attest to his unique skill set that is honed to help people seeking relief from musculoskeletal related pain.

Rhad B.

Working with Dr. Marc at Evercore has given me hope that chronic pain doesn't have to diminish my quality of life. He showed me that with a few simple adjustments to my daily movements and exercise regimen, I can actually alleviate the lingering pain that has hampered me for over a decade. I recommend Dr. Marc with nothing short of glowing praise, not only for his intuition on the mechanics of the body but also for his upbeat, hopeful and positive personality. Thanks, Evercore.

Derek E.

The Evercore Guarantee

We will do our best to help you do things you didn't think were possible.

We will listen carefully to every detail of your injury that may have been overlooked by others. We will treat you the same as you would expect from one of your family members (good relationships of course!).

This is our commitment to you. If your situation changes or something happens outside your control and you are unable to continue the program, then you can stop the program and we will do our best to find you another solution.

gaurantee 100

“We will go above and beyond for you until you are fully satisfied with your recovery!

To your health,

Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

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Are you ready to reduce
your knee pain and feel
like a runner again?

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Should you do an assessment online
or in-clinic?

Caroline Marc office knee

If you live near San Diego, we suggest doing the in-clinic assessment at the Evercore gym. Follow-up sessions can be done in-clinic or online.

If San Diego is too far, then we suggest doing the online video assessment. Follow-up sessions can be done online too.