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Are you still experiencing pain in your ankle after surgery even though you have try to wear supportive shoes and take it easy?

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Have you finished physical therapy, but still don't feel as strong or flexible as you were prior to your ankle or foot injury?

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Do your feet continue to ache even though you have been to your doctor or podiatrist?

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You feel pain, stiffness, or
weakness in your foot/ankle.

persistent pain on the bottom of your foot

The foot and ankle are filled with more nerve endings than many parts of the body; therefore, the foot is highly susceptible to chronic and persistent pain especially after traumatic incidents such as ankle fractures and surgeries.

You may be struggling with on-going pain in your foot or ankle after surgery. Or you may be dealing with a recurring pain from a condition like plantar fasciitis.

In many cases, the recovery timeline for these issues can last for 1-2 years, much longer than what your health insurance will cover.

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Foot/ankle can be
alleviated with a personalized and structured approach.

Each person will have a unique set of characteristics that separates their knee pain from everyone else's experience. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all program will not be as effective as a personalized program.

Our personalized programs are developed based on your assessment from a physical therapist rather than a generic recommendation of exercises without a thorough assessment.

Furthermore, each program is structured and progressed in a systematic manner based on objective measures obtained during your initial assessment and throughout "checkpoints" in your program.

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Select the program
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you need most.

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