Virtual Assessments and Custom Programs

Please read the following information if you need help with pain or an injury. I want you to feel confident in your decision to work with me.

You have pain or an injury. It may be recent or you may have had it for many years. The injury may be limiting your ability to run, go to the gym, play sports, play with your kids, or enjoy the life you want right now.

Imagine having 75-100% less pain two months from now and not feeling restricted. I believe you can reduce your pain. I am confident I can help you reduce your pain.

You need a program that improves your areas of weakness. If you need mobility, then you need mobility exercises. If you have weaknesses in specific muscles, then you need strengthening exercises to target those specific muscles.

There are underlying reasons for your pain and injury. We can find those reasons through an assessment and solve the root cause of the issue.

Here is a common message I receive: “I have pain in my shoulders when I lift weights. What exercises can you send me to reduce my pain?

There is no way for me to know what exercises will help you without assessing you first. In addition, exercises have progressions. We may start with an easy version of an exercise for 1-2 weeks then progress to harder versions of that exercise.

You have seen my exercises on Instagram. You know I am familiar with the science of movement and helping people recover from injuries.

Here are a couple reasons why I know you will benefit from my custom program:

  • I have experience.

    I have seen around 3000 different people in the clinic for injuries in the last 5 years as a physical therapist. There may be physical therapists will 15-20 years of experience, but sometimes a therapist can get set in their ways.I’m always learning and stay up-to-date with the research. I am not claiming to know all the answers, but I have acquired much skill and knowledge. I know where to find the research and find the best information that can help you. It’s hard to search for these answers on your own because the internet is mixed with good and bad advice. How do you know what is best for you?

  • I really want you to get better. 

    I want you to get results. If you are struggling with pain or an injury, I know how much it can limit your life. I don’t want you to suffer emotionally or physically from this pain. Life is too short to continue living with a pain that can be reduced. I understand the emotional struggles and I’ll help  you develop a better mindset to achieve your fullest potential.Your success is my success. The last thing I was is to have a bad reputation. Why would I want that? I will give you 100% of my effort to make sure you get results. Recovering from an injury is not magic. There is no quick fix. So, I am not saying my exercise program is some secret recipe to overnight success. But I know, you will improve if you stay consistent with the program. If anymore promises you a quick fix, then it’s not true or honest.

Here is your action plan to reduce pain,
get stronger, and “fix” your pain point:

Step 1: Schedule a virtual assessment with me.


We will meet on Skype for 30-minutes or 60-minutes to figure out what exercises you need. Before the Skype session, you will fill out a form with questions so I can learn more about your situation. In the beginning of the Skype assessment, we will discuss more details of your injury for about 10-minutes. Then, I’ll have you do different movements to test your mobility and strength. You should wear athletic clothes.

Based on the health questionnaire and our assessment, I will know what exercises will help you the most.  At the end of the Skype session, we will discuss modifications to your posture and activities to promote healing. Then, I will create a customized exercise program for you.

Step 2: Wait 12-hours for your custom program.


After I have assessed you, I need to create your program based on all the information you have told me. I’ll select exercises and movements that will help you the most. I will provide you with the exact repetitions, sets, and frequency for each exercise.

Your program will have photos, written instructions, and short 15-second video clips for each exercise. I will send you an email with your program. You can print your program and access your program anytime on our website through our client portal using the username and password given to you.

In this exercise portal, you will have access to all your exercise programs if I create another exercise program for you. On average, the initial program can be done for about 4 weeks. I would suggest 4 follow-up session for optimal results.

Step 3: Schedule follow-up visits.


The assessment process isn’t done after a single 30-minute or 60-minute session. Your program may need small adjustments and fine-tuning. That’s how exercise programs work. There is no strict rulebook to follow. We need to make adjustments based on your individual needs. That’s how you will get the best results.

If your pain or injury is not getting better than you need to take action now. There is no reason to wait, when you have the ability to reduce this pain right at your fingertips.

It is no coincidence that you are reading this. I believe you are ready to take action and I am providing you with the solution you need.

Your Investment:

30-minute assessment with an initial exercise program - $99 (includes the photos, instructions and video clips of your exercises with print and online access to your program through our website)

60-minute assessment with an initial exercise program - $149 (includes the photos, instructions and video clips of your exercises with print and online access to your program through our website)

Follow-up sessions:

One, 30-minute session - $79


Number of Visits Price per Session One-Time Payment 2- Monthly Payments 3-Monthly Payments
4 $74 $296 ($20 savings) $148 $98.67
6 $72 $432 ($42 savings) $216 $144
8 $70 $560 ($72 savings) $280 186.67
10 $65 $650 ($140 savings) $325 $216.67
12 $63.75 $765 ($183 savings) $382.50 $255

These are two common reasons people don’t take action. These reasons should not hold you back for making an investment in your health.

“I don’t have enough money.”

Investing in your health is the best use of your money. We can easily spend $100 on a dinner date. We spend thousands of dollars to go on vacation for 5 days. Is it worth the price of a vacation to reduce the pain you have had for many years? Life is much less enjoyable with pain and injury. Imagine how much better you will feel with less pain.

I am offering monthly packages for additional follow-up visits. You are getting the value of my services and I am allowing you to pay over 3-months if you need to. It’s better if you can pay upfront, but I don’t want you to miss out the opportunity to get better so I am making this compromise to help you afford getting the help you need.


“I don’t have the time right now.”

The exercise program will require a time commitment of approximately 30-minutes per day or every other day depending on what you need. Think of how much time you spend on social media in one day. Could you invest 30-minutes of your day to learn that exercises that help you build a strong and resilient body?

It’s not hard to get started. We can schedule your assessment and you’ll begin your program to improve your health, fitness, and wellness.

Let’s begin your journey to better movement, less pain,
and improved quality of life!

Fill out the assessment form below to get started.