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In this free PDF guide, you will get:

5 daily exercises and movements to promote meniscus tear healing

Gain access to a 10-minute daily routine that fits into your busy schedule 

Feel more confident to exercise with instructions from a Physical Therapist 

Working with Dr. Marc at Evercore has given me hope that chronic pain doesn't have to diminish my quality of life. He showed me that with a few simple adjustments to my daily movements and exercise regimen, I can actually alleviate the lingering pain that has hampered me for over a decade. - Derek E.

I was experiencing pain in my left knee and Dr. Marc helped me with specific exercises and modifying my workout to eliminate the pain. I highly recommend him! - Debbie L.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Marc Robinson for 4 years. I know first hand that he is a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist who stays up to date on the best treatment approaches for each type of injury. - Brian Lane, Physical Therapist