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About me

Hi, I'm Dr. Marc Robinson. I'm a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and I'm certified in the McKenzie Method. 

I use the McKenzie Method for online physical therapy assessments in California. The McKenzie Method is an internationally-acclaimed process to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries; however, it is challenging to find a skilled physical therapist who is certified in the McKenzie Method.  

Instead of waiting weeks for a doctor's appointment or taking time out of your busy day to drive to a clinic, you can schedule an online Skype session to get your questions answered, reduce pain and recover from your injuries! 

I recommend 3-4 online sessions for optimal results; however, just one session will put you on the right path to success!

I provide an experience beyond what traditional insurance can provide. Consider me your personal physical therapist and health coach. After rehab, you can transition to our medically supervised weight loss programs for total optimization of your health!

You can move, feel and look better than ever! We are confident you will become the healthiest version of yourself. 

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What can I help you with?

Low back pain (disc herniations, arthritis, sciatica)

Neck pain (whiplash injuries, stiffness, chronic pain)

Shoulder pain (shoulder impingement, rotator cuff strains, popping/clicking)

Knee pain (patellar tendonitis, runner's knee, arthritis)

Hip Pain (pinching in the hip, snapping in the hip, arthritis)

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles’ tendonitis

Injury Prevention (exercises to reduce injuries)

Strength and Conditioning (fitness programs) 

Sports Rehab (movement analysis, ACL rehab)

What do I specialize in?

I specialize in helping people reduce lower back pain and sciatica.  I have developed a new approach to people all around the world with my online course.

What are my qualifications?

Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chapman University

Licensed Physical Therapist in California

  • Certified in the McKenzie Method

Certified Clinical Instructor by the American Physical Therapy Association

FMS level 1 and 2 certified

Member of the American Physical Therapy Association

Worked at Sharp Rees-Stealy in San Diego for the last 4 years diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries

Former ACE certified personal trainer

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