Travel Workouts

Increase strength instead of getting out of shape!

No gym. No problem.  Use the Evercore Resistance bands to workout anytime, anywhere.


Workout in your hotel room or use them outdoors to work on your tan at the same time!


Home Workouts

Get fit at home!
Attach the resistance bands to your door for a variety of leg and upper body exercises. You can target all muscle groups with these bands!

Rehab After Injury

Struggling with a new or old injury?

Ask your physical therapist if they can incorporate these bands into your rehabilitation program.  These bands are great to bounce back stronger after an injury!


Use them to prevent injuries too and improve the longevity of your body!


11-Piece Workout Kit

The Evercore Resistance band set comes with comfortable handles, 2 padded ankle straps, a padded doorstop, 5 resistance bands, and a carrying case.

Levels of Resistance

The lightest resistance band is 5 lbs. and the strongest resistance band is 35 lbs. The strong metal clip allows you to combine resistance bands for added resistance.


Padded Door Attachment

Get more out of your bands!

Attach the Evercore resistance band to your door and perform numerous upper and lower body exercises.

The door attachment allows you to get a full-body workout!

Comfortable Ankle Straps

Tone-up your legs and glutes!

Attach the bands to the door and use the ankle straps for a variety of leg exercises.

These ankle straps are padded to prevent the strap from digging into your skin.


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