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Active Atoms Turmeric – High Potency – 5x More Powerful than Leading Brands – Anti-Inflammatory




  • HIGH POTENCY – One capsule of Active Atoms Turmeric is equivalent to 3-5 capsules from leading brands. As a result, you only have to take one caspule per day and your supply of turmeric lasts longer with Active Atoms turmeric.


  • CONCENTRATED TURMERIC EXTRACT – Each capsule of Active Atoms contains 750 mg of turmeric extract. The turmeric extract contains most of the health benefits of turmeric. The turmeric root is not the same as the turmeric extract. Turmeric root only contains 5% of the active ingredient in turmeric compared to 95% of the active ingredient with turmeric extract. Most companies fill their capsules with turmeric root because the root is less expensive to source.


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Turmeric is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Chronic inflammation plays a role in cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, joint pain, infections, and digestive problems. Elevated levels of inflammation are also involved in chronic pain and obesity. You will experience benefits from managing inflammation better without the use of over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatories that increase demand on the kidney and liver.


  • PHYSICAL THERAPIST RECOMMENDED – The specific formula of Active Atoms turmeric is recommended by physical therapist Dr. Marc Robinson because of the high concentration of turmeric extract in each capsule. Dr. Marc read most of the research papers on turmeric and discovered a high concentration of turmeric extract is the most beneficial characteristic in a turmeric supplement. Active Atoms turmeric has the highest concentration of turmeric per capsule we have seen available.


  • HIGH ABSORPTION – Active Atoms turmeric contains Bioperine, a clinically-researched form of black pepper extract. Bioperine significantly improves the absorption of turmeric by the body to enhance the benefits of turmeric. Without Bioperine or black pepper extract, turmeric is poorly absorbed by the body.

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Severe arthritis back pain gone in 2 weeks

August 25, 2018
Verified Purchase

I was sceptical about all the different products out there for Turmeric but after reading the many health benefits of it, I did my research to find out who had the most curcumoids in their product and found these guys. I have been taking this for about a month now and within 2 weeks, I noticed a huge difference. I have severe arthritis in my back that after doing a day of hard work – I could barely stand up and even my prescriptions didn’t relieve the pain. I am happy to report that not only did I start an exercise regime, I also was able to assemble a 14′ trampoline with net enclosure (6 hours of back breaking work!) with virtually NO BACK PAIN! This product is truly great and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try the amazing benefits of Turmeric. I’ve noticed knee pain has also disappeared and I feel overall much better.


Lead free

June 11, 2018
Verified Purchase

I’m currently on a lead job welding and burning steel that was coated with lead 100 years ago. I get tested monthly for lead and this is the only tumeric that hasn’t raised my lead levels. If you do some research you will find this to be a real issue with tumeric and also it is currently suspected that there is no safe level of lead. I wish more brands would do lead testing, this is the most important thing for me as I see the effects of heavy metals on my coworkers.



August 24, 2018

I have been taking this product everyday. It is really good and I highly recommend it! been feeling much better! definitely a good brand if you are curious about trying turmeric!