Evercore 11-Piece Resistance Band Set – With Door Attachment – Includes Instructional Videos from Physical Therapist

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  • 5 ELASTICS BANDS – Your set Includes five different bands with the resistance clearly labelled on the bands


  • DOOR ATTACHMENT – Attach the bands to your door at home or at the office for a variety of upper body and leg exercises


  • METAL CLIP – Strong metal clip allows you to link attachment multiple bands on the handles for added resistance


  • COMFORTABLE HANDLES – The grip is well-cushioned and very comfortable to hold while working out


  • VIDEOS INCLUDED – Your order includes instruction videos showing you the best exercises using the Evercore resistance band set

Additional information

Weight 2.11 lbs
Dimensions 14.3 × 10 × 2.7 in

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Great bands… easy to use; effective

February 24, 2018

I’ve never tried using bands before, but I’m hooked on these Evercore bands! There’s some great videos on YouTube how to work out with bands that I usually follow along to . Nice to be able to get a workout at home when I don’t have the time after a long day ….


100% recommend this set of quality products

May 20, 2018

100% recommend this set of quality products. It’s easy to travel with and I’ve been able to get excellent workouts from them.


Great product! Thanks Evercore!

September 10, 2018

These resistance bands are great! I had never used resistance bands before so I was a little intimidated to purchase. I’ve found great videos on YouTube and on the Evercore instagram that have helped me learn to use them properly though. I also love that they come with accessories like the door attachment and ankle strap – very versatile!


Quality Product – Endless Combinations

May 23, 2018

Almost unlimited combinations of resistance by combining bands, full set of workouts while traveling as well as the ability to complete all of my physical therapy activities and stretching.