Evercore Power Bands – 4 Different Types – For Assisted Pulls, Home or Travel Workouts



  • INCLUDES VIDEOS - Instructional videos from a physical therapist showing the most beneficial exercises using the power bands


  • PHYSICAL THERAPIST RECOMMENDED – These power bands are highly recommended by Dr. Marc for injury prevention and recovery


  • ASSISTED PULL-UPS – Attached the bands to a pull-up bar to provide assistance with pull-ups


  • IMPROVE MOBILTY – Use the Evercore power bands for a variety of exercises and techniques to increase mobility


  • TRAVEL WORKOUTS – Take these space-saving bands with you while traveling to stay in shape

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 Great Reliable Product For Fitness

Sept 12, 2018
Color: Red

Great product for all my workouts. Travel friendly product as well. Strong durable bands for p/rehab and strength and conditioning.