Evercore Mini Bands – Set of 7 – Includes Instructional Videos – Reduce Knee Pain and Increase Hip Strength

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  • REDUCE KNEE PAIN – Use the Evercore mini bands to reduce knee pain, recover from arthritis, and improve the longevity of your knee joint


  • PHYSICAL THERAPIST RECOMMENDED – Nearly every physical therapist uses bands like these to help their clients recover from injuries


  • VIDEOS INCLUDED – Buy now to get instructional videos from Dr. Marc showing you how to perform the best exercises using the Everore mini bands


  • SET of 7 – More is better. Most brands only you provide 4-5 bands. We give you an extra 2 bands in our set.


  • CARRY BAG – The Evercore mini bands include a carry bag to keep your bangs organized when you travel or take them to the gym or office.

Additional information

Weight .26 lbs
Dimensions 6.42 × 3.58 × 1.29 in

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 Great product! PT Approved!

September 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

I am a physical therapist and have used lots of different kinds of thera band products – these bands are absolutely great! Well made and great variety of resistance options. Definitely recommend for all levels of fitness!


Great for home and travel! Thanks Evercore!

September 10, 2018

These mini bands are amazing! Great quality for the price. They are perfect for home and travel and even come with a bag for convenient storage. Evercore has great workout videos for the resistance bands on their Instagram page so be sure to check them out!



September 10, 2018

These mini bands are amazing! Great for quick home or outside workouts, and perfect for travel. Comes with a small bag, which makes It easy for me to take anywhere. The material is super durable and easy to clean. You can get a solid workout with these bands, working your arms, legs, and core.