Welcome, New Clients!

Watch this video to learn how physical therapy with me works!

What Should You Bring to Your
First Physical Therapy Visit?

  • Please print and bring the forms below to your first physical therapy session
  • Wear comfortable athletic clothes
  • Bring a water bottle water to stay hydrated. We have purified water to refill your water bottle.
  • Bring your smartphone if you want me to record you doing exercises on your phone. You can reference these videos for your home exercise program.

Please print and fill out the forms before coming to your first physical therapy session.

What Should you expect for your
first Physical Therapy visit?

  • Arrive 15-minutes before your appointment to check-in and submit your forms.
  • The first visit is your initial assessment. The initial assessment takes 60-minutes.
  • During the initial assessment, we will test the movements of your joints, your strength, and perform several clinical tests to diagnose your injury.
  • We will analyze your movements during functional activities like squats, lunges, reaching overhead, and other activities that are difficult for you.
  • Once we identify the factors contributing to your injury, I will instruct you with the proper exercises to recover.
  • You will receive exercises to perform at home. I will send you a PDF handout with pictures of your home exercise program. We may use your smartphone to record you doing your exercises for your reference.

What should you expect with
follow-up visits?

  • Each follow-up session consists of 30-minutes of one-on-one training with Dr. Marc. You may be here for 45-minutes to 1 hour to complete your exercises.
  • We will re-test the movements of your joints and assess your response to your home exercise program.
  • I may do a short hands-on treatment then instruct you with new exercises and movements to accelerate your recovery.
  • You will learn new information that is essential to the recovery process in each session.
  • As we finish your physical therapy program, you will learn how to improve your fitness and transition back to living an active life.

Let’s start your journey to a pain-free, active life!

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