Travel Workouts

Keep your muscles toned instead of turning flabby while traveling!
These bands are ultra-lightweight and easy to pack in your suitcase when you travel.  Use them to workout in your hotel room or outdoors when you can’t access a good gym.

Home Workouts

Looking for a quick home workout instead of going to the gym?

Use these resistance bands to get a full-body workout at home. No need to feel guilty about missing the gym anymore!


Get Stronger Glutes!

Build bigger, stronger, and more athletic glutes.

Use these resistance bands around your thigh to target different fibers of your glutes to maximize muscle gain.

Alleviate Knee Pain

Do you want pain-free knees?

These resistance bands help to keep the knees in proper alignment.  Place the bands around the thighs while squatting to alleviate strain on the knee.


Rehab After a Knee or Hip Injury

Are you recovering from a knee or hip injury?

These bands are color-coded to teach you the different stages of rehab. Progress through each stage of rehab to achieve a pain-free life!

Evercore’s 7 Stages of Rehab


The first stage of rehab is to activate weak and underused muscles.



After activating muscles, it is important to stabilize. Stability involves having good control of your body movements.


Once you improve stability, you can start strengthening by adding resistance.



Muscles will grow as they produce more force. Increasing force is a sign you are getting stronger!


Power is having explosive strength which is important to improve your athletic performance. Jumping and sprinting are examples of power.


Game Time

At this point in your rehab journey, you are getting back to your normal activities and playing sports.   It's time to challenge yourself with the strong grey band!

Beast Mode

Time to get serious about your fitness! The black band is the heaviest resistance.  Use multiple bands together if you want even more resistance.


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