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Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Robinson. I’m a licensed physical therapist and co-founder of Evercore. I have spent thousands of hours in the physical therapy clinic helping thousands of people eliminate pain and improve their quality of life.

I teach daily exercise videos to over 37,000 followers on social media and I receive daily messages from people who are struggled with pain and injuries.

I empathize with these concerns because I have seen how much pain can limit someone’s life. I will put will do my best to find the best possible treatment to help you live the best life possible.

Your health and wellness is my top priority. I love to help people recover from injuries and I treat each of my clients as if they were my own family member.


Hi, I’m Jeff Kotterman and I have over 30 years of experience helping people lose weight and achieve the body they want.

I started the National Association of Sports Nutrition over 15 years ago.  We provide certifications and education to medical doctors, personal trainers and nutritionists. I am also the owner of TriSystem gym in Clairemont Mesa.

I have partnered with Dr. Marc at our private gym to offer physical therapy services to our clients. We believe in a fully personalized and individualized approach to optimal health.

We have helped people break world records, win beauty crowns, gold medals and become world champions. Our clientele ranges from professional athletes to those who have never picked up a dumbbell.

You will feel comfortable at our private gym and you will see real results. We welcome you to visit us to see how we can change your life.

Let’s start your journey to a pain-free, active life!

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