Pain and injury can prevent you from doing the things you love.If you focus on correcting movements, this will help you movewithout pain.

Dr. Marc Robinson, DPT will teach you how to test for restrictions in your movement.  Restrictions in movement can lead to pain and injury if they are not addressed now.  You will learn how to get started with correcting movements in this introductory course.

This free course is a small sample of what you get with our premium 60-day prehab and post-rehab program.


Why Do I Get Back Pain?

How Can I Alleviate My Knee Pain?

How Can I Squat or Deadlift Better?

As a physical therapist, I get these types of questions all the time. This course will start you on the right path to feeling great.The value of this course is over $300, but I’m offering it toyou for free because I want to help you live a better life.


In this Course, You Will Learn:

  • 3 Tests to identify restrictions in your movement
  • 5 Daily exercises to start correcting your movements
  • How to avoid common mistakes while stretching
  • Gain valuable insights to prevent injuries and stay out of pain
  • How to properly perform dynamic and static hamstring stretches
  • How to improve hip mobility to alleviate stress on the low back

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