Free 5 day Course

This free course is a small sample of what you get with our premium 60-day prehab and post-rehab program.

In this Course, You Will Learn:

  • 3 Tests to identify restrictions in your movement
  • 5 Daily exercises to start correcting your movements
  • How to avoid common mistakes while stretching
  • Gain valuable insights to prevent injuries and stay out of pain
  • How to properly perform dynamic and static hamstring stretches
  • How to improve hip mobility to alleviate stress on the low back

60 day Movement Course

You just discovered the most comprehensive online prehab and post-rehab program!
This is a step-by-step process to reprogram your brain's control of body movements. Here is what you learn:

  • How to test for restrictions in your movement
  • Discover the cause of low back pain and how to prevent it
  • Learn how to retrain the brain to significantly improve movements
  • Improve shoulder mobility and stability
  • How to activate your core muscles to reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Alleviate tightness in muscles
  • How to bend and lift properly to prevent injury with daily activities