4 Tips to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Traveling

By: Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Bumpy car rides, long flights and carrying your luggage around while traveling can lead to strain on the lower back.

If you want to enjoy your travel adventures without getting lower back pain or sciatica, then it will be important to read this article to learn tips to stay pain-free.

1. Posture

correct body alignment in sitting working with computer

Sit with your knees slightly below the level of the hips. Make sure the back is aligned against the back of the chair. Place the Evercore lumbar roll in the arch of the lower back to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

Keep the feet are rested on a firm surface and at the optimum height to excessive strain transferring to the lower back. It's not wrong to slouch for short periods of time; however, if you need to sit on a long flight or car ride then these tips will help you stay out of pain.

Another important tip is to frequently change your position. There is a saying that "Your next posture is your best posture." Staying seated in one place will feel more comfortable. Try to move a little.

2. Walk

Walk every 30 minutes to improve blood flow and circulation. It will be beneficial to walk around at the airport before boarding your flight. If you have to sit for 4 hours on the plane, it's not the best idea to sit for one hour right before your flight.

Prolonged sitting has negative effects on the body. People have been known to get blood clots in their legs during long plane flights. Walking is a great way to get exercise and keep the blood moving.

3. Stretch

Stretch every 30 minutes. One of the best stretches for the low back is to bend backwards while standing because this helps alleviates strain on the spine. There is a saying that “motion is lotion” and this is true for the low back. If you stay in one position for too long, structures in the lower back can get irritated.

4. Quick Exercises

Squats are a great exercise because you target many muscles groups in the body with one movement. You do not have to squat really low to get benefits. If you have a tendency to get knee pain, then be careful with squats. You can learn how to squat properly in our knee pain course. Just check it out in the online courses tab. Ankle pumps are another quick exercises that you can do while sitting on the plane or car ride. Simply, move the ankle up and down. The action of moving the ankle will help to prevent blood from pooling in your the lower legs while sitting. Both of these options are quick exercises that you can do easily while traveling.

The Bottom Line

With the right kind of exercises and stretches, we can say “Bon Voyage!” to lower back pain. If you are looking for the most effective exercises to reduce lower back pain, then take our low back pain course. I will teach you how to discover your ability to reduce lower back pain on your own.

These skills will come in handy when you are traveling because no one wants to experience a flare-up of lower back pain during a vacation or business trip.

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