Triceps Extensions – With Resistance Bands (Proper Form)

By: Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

In this video, I demonstrate how to perform triceps pushdowns using resistance bands.

Step 1: Place the padded doorstop at the top part of the door by the door hinge then shut the door.  Pull on the strap to make sure the padded doorstop is securely in place.

Step 2: Pull one end of the resistance bands through the loop in the padded door stop and attach the metal clips to the handles.

Step 3: Grab the handles with a overhand grip (palms down) and kneel in front of the door. This is known as the tall kneel position.

Step 4: Position the knees about hip width apart.  Activate the core to maintain an upright torso.  Keep the shoulder blades down and back.

Step 5: Start with the elbows contacting the side of your body and the hands above the elbows.

Step 6: Pushdown with your arms and extend the elbows.  Squeeze the triceps for 1-2 seconds at the bottom and return to the starting position.


Common Mistakes

1. Moving the Elbows Away from the Body – The elbows should maintain contact with the side of the body instead of flaring out.
2. Moving the Elbows Behind the Body – The elbows should stay in-line with the body instead of extended behind the body.
3. Overarching the Lower Back – Keep the lower back in a neutral position by contracting the abdominal and glutes together.
4. Elevating the Shoulders – Try to keep the shoulder blades down. Many people have a tendency to overuse the upper trapezius by shrugging the shoulders.
5. Relaxing the Abdominals – Keep the abdominals drawn-in and core activated to increase stability in the body.

Muscles Targeted


Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

Lower Trapezius


Posterior deltoid


Benefits of the Triceps Pushdown with Resistance Bands

The resistance bands allow you to replicate the popular triceps pushdown exercise at the gym.  Most people don’t have equipment in their home to perform the triceps pushdown.

Instead of purchasing expensive equipment, you can perform triceps pushdowns by attaching the resistance bands to the top of the door.

Need more resistance? No problem.  Use the metal clips to add multiple resistance bands together.  Even Thor would get a good triceps burn by performing triceps pushdowns with the these resistance bands.

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