EVERCORE Balance Board, Increase Ab & Core Strength, ACL Rehab, Physical Therapy, Prevent Ankle Sprains, Balance Training, Solid Wood Wobble Board, Self Balancing Board, Anti-Slip Traction Pad


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The Evercore Balance Board is a necessity for any athlete or fitness fanatic! Improve your core to be bigger, faster and stronger! This balance board is durable, lightweight and easy to store.

– Anti slip
– Our balance board is for all types of athletes – Crossfit, Power Lifters, Sports Athletes and more!
– Indoor or outdoor use
– Become quicker and improve agility
– Prevent ankle injuries
– Do squats, pushups. Single or both leg workouts
– Prevent ACL injuries or rehab existing ones

Take your performance to the next level with the evercore balance board. Our Board is an excellent choice for improving overall quickness, core, balance and agility. Use it in the gym, on the beach, at the park, in a hotel or in the comfort of your own home. 

We know you will LOVE the Evercore Balance Board. Buy with confidence!

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Dimensions15.9842519522 x 15.7874015587 x 3.8188976339 in