Get Fit While Traveling

Are you struggling to stay in shape while traveling?

Pack these lightweight bands in your car, luggage, and backpack to workout on the go!

With these bands, you have no excuses to get out of shape while traveling.

Upper Body Workouts

Get a strong upper body with the black and red bands!
Resistance bands are easy on the joints and activate more muscles in your body.
Use these bands for pain-free workouts that help improve the longevity of your body!

Lower Body Workouts

Tone-up your legs with these bands! Yes, legs!

Use these resistance bands for lunges, squats, hip extension, hip thrusts, among other leg exercises.

Spice up your exercise routine by adding these bands into the mix!

Assisted Pull-ups

Use these bands for assisted pull-ups!

Pull-ups are hard. Learn how to perform proper pull-up with these bands.

Already good at pull-ups? Challenge your muscle with drop sets using these bands… great technique to build muscle faster!


Perfect for CrossFit

Improve your functional mobility!

Attach the green and purple power bands around a post to perform advanced mobility techniques as recommended by Dr. Kelly Starret (Physical Therapist) in his book, How to Become a Supple Leopard.

100% Natural Rubber Latex

These high-quality resistance bands can stretch more than other power bands.

These long-lasting bands are made of 100% natural latex rubber from Malaysia.


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