Evercore Mini-loop Resistance Bands

Evercore mini-loop bands are essential tools for rehab, injury prevention, and strength training. Every household should own a set of these mini-loop bands!

Home Workouts

  • Save time and money by exercising where you want and when you want
  • Minibands are easy on the joints eliminating the need for potentially dangerous gym equipment
  • Strengthen your hip muscles with exercises like clams and bridges while you watch TV or listen to music

Office Workouts

  • Accelerate your productivity at work by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain
  • Keep a set of minibands by your desk for quick and convenient workouts during your breaks
  • Improve your posture while sitting by using minibands for shoulder blade squeezes

Travel Workouts

  • Energize yourself and get better sleep after jet-lag with quick, refreshing workouts
  • Use these light-weight and space-saving minibands in your hotel room to build muscle while traveling instead of losing muscle tone
  • Use the minibands for squats, bridges, hip thrusts and fire hydrants to build strong glutes when you don’t have access to gym equipment

Rehab After Injury

  • Physical therapists all over the world use minibands in their clinic to help their patients rehab from injuries
  • Owning a set of minibands is strongly recommended if you want to recover from injuries faster
  • Strengthening the hip muscles reduces strain on the knee joint to help the knee recover from injuries

Injury Prevention

  • Preserve the health of your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments using these minibands
  • Potentially reduce arthritis, joint pain and promote pain-free movement in your body
  • Spend 5-10 minutes performing injury prevention exercises with minibands before or after your normal workout routine to protect the lower back, hips, and knees from injuries

Strength Training

  • Add lean muscle mass to improve your physique
  • Resistance training helps to build stronger bones and boosts your metabolism
  • Strengthen the glutes with bridges, hip thrusts, side-stepping, squats, and other beneficial bodyweight exercises using the minibands

Back Pain

  • The hip muscles help to stabilize the lower back. Weakness in the glutes can lead to excessive strain on the lower back
  • Strengthening the hips will provide a solid base for the low back and promote a pain-free spine

Hip Pain

  • Weakness in the hips while walking, running, or hiking can lead to hip injuries like IT band syndrome, trochanteric bursitis, muscle strains, and osteoarthritis
  • Strengthening the hip muscles with minibands helps to improve stability through the hips to help you avoid getting a hip replacement in the future

Knee Pain

  • Weakness in the hips can lead to knee injuries at the gym. Minibands can be used to activate smaller muscles in the hips to improve your form with squats and lunges
  • Improving hip strength will improve knee alignment during daily activities like walking up and down stairs, standing up from a chair, squatting, walking and running to reduce stress to the knee joint

Increase Confidence

  • Play with your kids or grandkids with confidence instead of fearing an unexpected knee, hip, or low back injury
  • Develop a better posture that will boost your self-esteem and make you look more attractive.

7 Levels of Resistance

Yellow (Activation)

The yellow mini-loop band is the lightest resistance and can be used to activate weak muscles.



The green mini-loop band is the next level of resistance.

Light Blue (Strength)

The light blue mini band can used once the green band is too easy.


Dark Blue (Force)

The dark blue mini-loop band will challenge you more than the light blue band.

Red (Power)

The red mini-loop band is the next step once you are ready to progress resistance.


Grey (Game Time)

The grey mini-loop band is thicker and provides strong tension.

Black (Beast Mode)

The black mini-loop band is the strongest resistance band once you are ready for beast mode.


Our Favorite Exercises

Side Lying Clams

How to Perform: Lie on your side and place the bands around your thighs.

Raise the top knee up and keep the feet together.

Benefits: Builds strength in the external rotators of the hip which is important to stay out of knee pain and improve athletic performance


Hip abduction

How to Perform: Lie on your side and place the bands around this thighs or ankles.

Lift the top left upward and back.

Benefits: Strengthens the hip abductors which are important muscles for running, hiking, and pain-free knees.


How to Perform: Lie on your back and place the bands around the thighs.

Bring the knees apart and lift the hips off the ground until weight on your shoulders.

Benefits: Bridges help to build strong glutes and keep you out of back pain.



How to Perform: Place the band around the thighs and place your feet at a comfortable width (usually hip width).

Squat down while pushing against the band width your thighs to keep your knees in alignment with your foot.

Benefits: Activates the glutes during the one of the most important exercises for your general health:the squat.

Why Choose Evercore Mini-Loop Bands?


  • Every physical therapist I know uses resistance bands to help people recover from injuries. They usually give you resistance bands that you have to tie in a knot. The knots come loose or the bands break over time. The Evercore mini-loop bands are durable and easy to use because you don't have to tie them in a knot. Just put them around your ankles or thighs and you are good to go!
  • You will get a total of 7 mini-loop bands with different levels of resistance with one simple purchase. Instead of hassling with a bunch of random elastic bands, keep the Evercore mini-loops bands organized in the convenient travel bag.
  • If you buy other mini-loop bands on Amazon, they may not be as durable as our mini-loop bands. I tested several mini-loop bands from different manufacturers and the bands we choose were superior to the others. Plus, we are giving you instructional exercises videos from a physical therapist using the Evercore mini-loop bands. Don't settle for cheaper bands. The best money spent is the money used to invest in your health.

Why is Now the Best Time to Order?

  • I believe everyone needs to own a set of mini-loop bands. You'll be wondering why you didn't use mini-loop bands earlier in your life.  They could have helped you prevent injuries and kept your joints healthy.
  • It's never too late to improve your quality of life. Buy these bands today and get access to instructional exercise videos showing you popular rehab and injury prevention exercises for back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. Don't delay and put off the things you know are important. Get motivated and start using Evercore mini-loops bands to maintain your longevity.

Equip Yourself With the Right Tools

  • How can a bricklayer build a house without bricks? Evercore mini-loop bands are essential tools for your toolbox. You can build a strong and resilient body with simple exercises using the Evercore mini-loop bands.
  • I will equip you with the skills to use these bands properly in our minicourse and through on-going education. Follow me on Instagram @evercore to learn helpful tips.

Your Order Includes a Bonus Mini-Course Using the

Evercore Mini-Loop Bands.


  • In this mini-course, I will show you our most recommended exercises using the Evercore mini-loop bands. I will explain how to perform exercises properly through instructional videos. You can reference these videos to ask me questions directly on Instagram.
  • These exercise help improve hip strength which is important when recovering from low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain.
  • We are providing you with incredible value because I am offering my time to help you use our products effectively. We want to see you succeed!


Below are screenshots of the minicourse.


No Risk. 30-Day Guarantee

  • We want you to love these mini-loop bands as much as we do. If you are not satisfied within 30-days, you will get a full refund.
  • Our policy starts on the day you receive your product.

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Our fitness products and online courses are designed to help people achieve a pain-free, active life.

These resistance bands are one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your health and fitness goals.

In addition, your purchase helps to enable others to live full of purpose, happiness, health, and fitness because we use our resources to continually improve our products and courses.

Please support our mission to help people move and feel better by purchasing from a purpose-driven company like us!

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