Banish Back Pain Fast.

Are you tired of lower back pain while sitting?

The Evercore Lower Back Support can be strapped around your office chair or driver's seat to provide quick relief and comfort to the lower back while sitting. The Evercore Low Back Support was developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in the science-based management of lower back pain.


Keep Back Pain Away!

Are you looking to prevent back pain?

You may be like the millions of Americans who suffer from lower back pain. Do not lose hope because the body can heal itself from previous injuries.  The Evercore Low Back Support helps to provide extra support right where you need it.

Sit Comfortably 

in Your Office Chair!

Are you sitting long hours at work?

Buying a new office chair can be expensive.  Try using the Evercore low back support first before buying a new chair.


Strap it around the back of the seat and you’ll have comfortable support for your low back within minutes!


Sit in Your Car Without Back Pain.

Are you bothered by low back pain you while sitting in your car?

Car seats can sit low to the ground and do not provide enough low back support.


Strap the Evercore lumbar roll around the driver’s seat to the support your low back needs.

Benefits of Using the Evercore Lumbar Roll:

  • May alleviate back and neck pain
  • Improve posture and alignment of your spine
  • May help the lower back to heal from previous back injuries
  • Promotes blood flow to the spine
  • Improves comfort of your office chair and driver's seat
  • Reduce strain on back and neck during plane flights

Rise Above the Norm.

Did you know back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world?!

An estimated 80% of adults get back pain.  In addition, back pain costs the United States $100-200 billion per year! Use the Evercore Low Back Support to avoid becoming another statistic.


Choose Your Roll.

There are 3 different sized lumbar rolls because we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. You can choose the amount of support you need and see how it feels.


The bullet points below can help you decide which one to buy.

Small Roll

  • Soft foam and smaller size
  • Great for office chair’s, car seats and plane flights Can also be used as a neck support during plane flights
  • Better for those who want a minimal amount of back support

Medium Soft Roll

  • Soft foam and larger size
  • Great for office chairs, car seat and plane flights
  • Perfect for individuals with a larger body frame Provides a moderate amount of back support

Medium Hard Roll

  • Hard Foam and larger size (same size as Medium Soft Roll)
  • Firmer roll to support individuals with a large body frame
  • Provides a maximum amount of back support

What People Are Saying:


"I've been using the Evercore lumbar roll at work now for the last month and can already feel a big difference in the way I feel! Using the lumbar roll has improved my posture, reduced my neck pain, and it simply makes it more comfortable while I sit. I'm a true believer in this product and I look forward to seeing what else Evercore can help me with."

- Matt, California


"I'm a physical therapist and I've been using the Evercore low back support on my office chair because it supports the proper position of my spine.  I recommend using the Evercore low back support if you sit for long hours."  

- Dr. Sanders, California


"I suffer from back pain and neck strain on a daily basis. I sit in an office chair for most of my workday and I'm unable to find a good ergonomic chair. I started using the Evercore lumbar roll and I was amazed to find that I was no longer hunching over but instead sitting up straight. This took tension off my spine and relieved all of my symptoms. I feel so good. No more aches and pains! I'm so happy!"

- Jennifer, California 

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Developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

"The Evercore low back support will help many people who suffer from lower back and neck pain.  We need better options to manage pain instead of resorting to opioids and other pain medications.  Correcting sitting posture is an important part of managing lower back pain and there is no product better than the Evercore Low Back Support.  I highly recommend buying one for your office chair and one for your car to support your posture.

- Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Physical Therapist/Developer of the Evercore Low Back Support

Bio: Dr. Marc has committed his life to helping people manage lower back pain.  He had advanced post-doctorate certifications from the world's leading experts in lower back pain treatment. He has created an online exercise program to help people build a strong, pain-free low back.

No Risk. 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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  • We want you to love the Evercore Low Back Support as much as we do! If you are not satisfied within 100-days, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.


  • Our policy starts on the day you receive your product.

Banish Back Pain by Using the Evercore Low Back Support!

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