Floss Bands

These floss bands are primarily used for rehab, injury prevention, myofascial release, and improving mobility in restricted muscles or joints.


  • Evercore floss bands can promote blood flow and oxygen to muscles to help you recover faster after an injury

Injury Prevention

  • Take a proactive to avoid injury by improving your mobility with Evercore floss bands.

Myofascial Release

  • Myofascial restrictions can lead to stiffness. The Evercore floss bands help target those really tight areas.

Reduce Swelling

  • Wrap Evercore floss bands around a swollen ankle to reduce push excessive fluid out of the ankle.

Restore Mobility

  • Increase joint mobility in the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and shoulders by performing movements with the Evercore floss bands

Improve Blood Flow

  • The Evercore floss bands can help increase circulation as you exercise and move.

Stiff Ankles

  • Wrap the Evercore floss bands above the ankle and lunge forward to improve ankle mobility

Tennis Elbow

  • Wrap the Evercore floss bands around the forearm and stretch to alleviate tennis elbow

How to Use

Wrap the floss band around the tight muscle or joint for 1-2 minutes. Perform stretches or exercises to improve mobility.

Caution: Try not to exceed 2 minutes to avoid cutting off circulation. Do NOT use these floss bands for blood flow restriction training. Do NOT use if you have a history of blood clots or poor circulation.


Black Band

  • Heavy Tension
  • 6.8 feet x 2 inches x 1.5 mm
  • 100% natural rubber latex from Malaysia

Blue Band

  • Medium tension
  • 6.8 feet x 2 inches x 1.3 mm
  • 100% natural rubber latex from Malaysia

Red Band

  • Light tension
  • 6.8 feet x 2 inches x 1.0 mm
  • 100% natural rubber latex from Malaysia

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