Run Faster, Jump Higher

Use the balance board to maximize your athletic performance.

Challenge your strength and balance to get an edge on your competition!


Improve Core Strength

Perform squats, lunges, or single leg balance exercises using the Evercore balance board.

The unstable surface of the balance boards helps to activate your core muscles to increase stability throughout your body.

ACL Recovery

Rehab from ACL injuries and come back stronger than ever before!

Train smarter using the Evercore balance board to help prevent future ACL injuries.

The balance board can help improve stability and control of movement to keep you pain-free!


Improve Agility

Agility is being able to move quickly and easily.

The Evercore balance board provides an unstable surface which helps to improves your agility.

An agile body is key to your longevity!

Increase Balance and Coordination

We take balance and coordination for granted.

Think about it… When was the last time you worked on your balance?

The Evercore balance board is a fun tool to improve your balance and coordination.


Traction Grip

The surface of the Evercore balance board is covered with a traction grip.

The traction helps your feet to stay safely on the board.

Solid Wood Construction

Our board is made of solid wood that supports up to 242 lbs.

You’ll be happy with the quality of this board.  Buy today and start experiencing the benefits!


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