Resistance Band Set

These bands can be used for home, office, or travel workouts. I strongly recommend them for rehab, injury prevention, strength training, and sports performance.

Home Workouts

  • Get the results you want in the comfort of your own home without bulky and inexpensive gym equipment
  • Finish workouts in the time you spend driving back and forth to the gym

Office workouts

  • Increase your productivity, clear your head, and sharpen your mind with quick 5-minute workouts throughout the day
  • Keep a set of resistance bands by your desk for simple exercises you can do at the office during your breaks

Travel Workouts

  • Enjoy your travel adventures without feeling guilty about missing workouts or getting out of shape
  • Step outside your normal routine and get creative with fun workouts in your hotel room or favorite outdoor spot


  • Nearly all physical therapists use some type of resistance band for rehab exercises to promote healing and recovery after injuries
  • Reduce pain and improve your quality of life with physical therapy exercises

Injury Prevention

  • Avoid nagging injuries that frustrate you and interfere with your goals
  • Injury prevention exercises are an insurance policy to protect your body from injuries

Strength Training

  • Stimulate muscle growth by clipping multiple bands together for added resistance
  • Tone-up and build strength without wrecking your joints using elastic bands

Sports Performance

  • Become bigger, faster and stronger by training with Evercore Resistance bands
  • Increase your core strength, power and agility to stay ahead of your competition

Boost Energy

  • Elevate your mood and happiness with quick 5-minute workouts throughout the day
  • Experience a post-workout bliss and euphoria as endorphins are released into your bloodstream

Increase Mental Focus

  • Sharpen your memory, focus, and concentration by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain with simple workouts
  • Stimulate the growth of new brain cells to prevent mental decline as you age

Reduce Stress

  • Feel relaxed and satisfied after doing something good for your body
  • Build-up your confidence and self-esteem with regular exercise

11-Piece Workout Kit

The Evercore Resistance Band set includes 5 different resistance bands, two handles, one padded door attachment, and two ankles straps.

5 Levels of Resistance

  • Blue Band – 35 lbs
  • Black Band – 25 lbs
  • Red Band – 15 lbs
  • Green Band – 10 lbs
  • Yellow Band – 5 lbs

Padded Door Attachment

  • Attach the bands to the door using the padded door attachment to protect the door and bands from damage
  • You can also use our power bands with the padded door attachment!

Padded Ankle Strap

  • Our comfortable ankle straps have sufficient padding unlike the straps from other brands that can dig into your skin

Our Favorite Exercises


How to Perform: Attached the bands to the door using the door attachment.

Pull the bands back and squeeze the shoulder blades together while engaging the core.

Benefits: Rows strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades and upper back to improve posture and help you stay out of shoulder pain.


Shoulder Presses

How to Perform: Place one foot on the band and bring the hands shoulder width apart.

Press the bands up overhead while keeping the torso upright and core engaged.

Benefits:Shoulder presses help to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and upper back.

Lateral Raises

How to Perform: Place feet on the band and bring arms out to the side and slightly in front of you.

Raise the arms even with the shoulders.

Benefits: Lateral raises strengthen the middle deltoid and shoulders to tone-up the arms.


Biceps Curls

How to Perform: Place one or two feet on the band and start with the elbows against the side of your body.

Benefits: Biceps curls build strong arms and biceps without requiring bulky dumbbells.

Hip Extension

How to Perform: Attach the bands to the door using the door attachment.

Place the padded ankle strap around the ankle and stand facing the door. Bring the leg back while keeping the torso upright.

Benefits: Hip extensions helps to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and tone-up the legs.


What People Are Saying:

“Great kit. Useful tools. Wife has back problems and this is what physical therapy told her to get.”

- Francisco O.

“I’ve never tried using bands before, but I’m hooked on these Evercore bands! There’s some great videos on YouTube how to work out with bands that I usually follow along to. Nice to be able to get a workout at home when I don’t have the time after a long day. “

- Matt VM.

“100% recommend this set of quality products. It's easy to travel with and I've been able to get excellent workouts from them.”

- Sherry V.

Why is the Evercore Resistance Bands Set Your Best Choice?

Our resistance bands set was tested by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who understands the science of exercise.

You can feel confident that Evercore will put you on the right path to health, wellness, and long-lasting fitness.

Why Should You Order Today?

Indecision to buy these bands delays your health goals.

If you order these bands today, you’ll take an important step towards achieving optimal health.

Are you ready to be fit and pain-free?

Order the Evercore resistance bands set today to feel good and get stronger!

Your Order Includes a Bonus Mini-Course Using the Resistance Band Set.

In this mini-course, I demonstrate how to perform our most recommended exercises for injury prevention and general strength training using the Evercore Resistance Bands Set.


No Risk. 30-Day Guarantee

  • We want you to love these resistance bands as much as we do. If you are not satisfied within 30-days, you will get a full refund.
  • Our policy starts on the day you receive your product.

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These resistance bands are one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your fitness goals.

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