Are You Tired of Lower Back Pain While Sitting?

Imagine sitting at work for 8 hours with more energy, focus, and no back pain!

The Evercore low back support was developed by Physical Therapist, Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT to alleviate strain on the lower back while sitting at the office or in the car.


Office Chairs

Do you sit long hours at work?

  • Alleviate strain on the lower back during those long days at the office
  • Reduce back pain and sciatica by strapping the Evercore low back support around your office chair


Low back pain while sitting in traffic?

  • Feel more comfortable driving instead of dreading long commutes
  • Enjoy the sensation of freedom behind the wheel instead of feeling held hostage from back pain

80% of all adults suffer from lower
back pain at some point in their life.


Are struggling with sciatica?

  • Helps many people relieve sciatica by correcting sitting posture
  • Reduces nerve compression with improved sitting position

Struggling With Chronic Back Pain?

  • My clients in the clinic with chronic back pain were frustrated with failed treatment options. Many of them felt much better by sitting with lower back support
  • We can’t promise the Evercore low back support will reduce your pain but over time it should promote the long-term health of your spine

Improve Mental Focus

  • Back pain distracts you family life, work, and enjoying time your your friends. Instead of being present in the moment, your mind is preoccupied with the back pain.

Reduce Stress

  • Sitting for hours can increase strain on the upper back, neck and shoulders
  • Many times tight “knots” in muscles are caused from poor posture

Avoid a Hunchback Posture!

  • The Evercore low back supports makes it much harder to slouch while sitting
  • Years of neglecting your posture can potentially lead to premature aging of the spine

Gain Confidence

  • Achieve a powerful posture and feel confident about your body
  • Good posture makes you look more attractive

Developed by a Dr. Marc Robinson, DPT, Cert. MDT

  • The Evercore low back support was developed by Dr. Marc Robinson who specializes in the management of lower back pain.
  • The specific shape and design of the low back support have helped many people who suffer from low back pain.

Strong Nylon Strap

  • The elastics straps from other back supports stretch out over time, get loose, and slide off the chair
  • Our strap is made of strong nylon like the straps used in backpacks

Memory Foam

  • The foam in other back supports flatten out with use and loses its shape
  • The Evercore low back support is made of high-rebound, long-lasting memory foam to maintain its shape with repeated use

Washable Cover

  • The polyester cover can be unzipped and washed.

Tested for Flammability

  • Our low back supports have been tests in a lab for flammability and they pass the highest standards in California.

How to Use

Step 1

Adjust the strap to the proper length to fit around the back of the chair. You may need to adjust it several times to get the length right. It is easier to adjust the strap before putting it around the chair.

Step 2

Sit in the chair and bring your hips all the way to the back of the seat. Place the low back support in the small of the lower back just above the waistline.

Step 3

Maintain the arch of the low back with the low back support. Use the Evercore low back support as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The strap fits around office chairs or car seats with a diameter of in to in. People still use it without the strap.


Choose Your Roll.

We offer 3 sizes to give you more options.

Small Roll

  • Soft foam, smaller size
  • Great for office chairs, drivers’ seat, or plane flights while traveling
  • Better for smaller body frames or those who want minimal support

Medium Soft Roll

  • Soft foam, larger size
  • Great for office chairs, drivers’ seat, or plane flights while traveling
  • Better for medium body frame or those who want moderate support

Medium Hard Roll

  • Hard foam, larger size
  • Great for office chairs, drivers’ seat, or plane flights while traveling
  • Better for larger body frames or those who want maximal support

What People Are Saying:

"I've been using the Evercore lumbar roll at work now for the last month and can already feel a big difference in the way I feel! Using the lumbar roll has improved my posture, reduced my neck pain, and it simply makes it more comfortable while I sit. I'm a true believer in this product and I look forward to seeing what else Evercore can help me with."

- Matt, California

"I'm a physical therapist and I've been using the Evercore low back support on my office chair because it supports the proper position of my spine. I recommend using the Evercore low back support if you sit for long hours."

- Dr. Sanders, California

"I suffer from back pain and neck strain on a daily basis. I sit in an office chair for most of my workday and I'm unable to find a good ergonomic chair. I started using the Evercore lumbar roll and I was amazed to find that I was no longer hunching over but instead sitting up straight. This took tension off my spine and relieved all of my symptoms. I feel so good. No more aches and pains! I'm so happy!"

- Jennifer, California

Why is the Evercore Low Back Support Your Best Choice?

Reason 1: Developed by Physical Therapist, Dr. Marc Robinson

The Evercore low back support was developed by Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT who understands the science of low back pain.

Reason 2: The Strong Nylon Strap

Our nylon strap is more durable than the elastic straps from other products.

Reason 3: The High-Rebound Memory Foam

Our high-rebound memory foam is comfortable and will outlast the foam in other products.

Why Should You Order Today?

Waiting too long to improve your posture can lead to serious low back injuries.

Instead of waiting for excruciating back pain or another flare-up, use the Evercore low
back support to protect your spine from injuries.


Don’t be like this guy!

He complains about lower back pain but does nothing to fix it.

Take action to get out of back pain!

Your Orders Includes a Bonus Spine Maintenance Mini-Course!

If you take action now, we will give you access to our online platform with short, tutorial videos explaining the common causes of back pain and what you can do to stop it!

These injury prevention tips are valuable and teach you several important exercises for daily spine care.


No Risk. 30-Day Guarantee

  • We want you to love these low back supports as much as we do. If you are not satisfied within 30-days, you will get a full refund.
  • Our policy starts on the day you receive your product.

Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

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