About Us

Evercore provides online education and tools to help you move pain-free and prevent injuries. The company was started by Dr. Marc Robinson and Sam Vandervalk. Marc is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has worked with thousands of patients at Sharp Clinic. Marc has been working on his idea for ways to help people online since his time in physical therapy school. Sam is a successful entrepreneur who has always had a passion for staying active and fit. They have partnered together to teach individuals how to improve their mobility.



Dr. Matt Pedrotti DPT, OCS

“I've worked in the same clinic as Marc for the last couple years and he creates a fun experience to help his patients restore mobility.”


Dr. Melissa Mora, DPT

"Marc is a great therapist with the talent to translate complex issues into simple solutions. He has studied the science of movement and uses his knowledge to reach anyone and everyone with an easy-to-follow approach. "


Dr. Nick Monday, DPT

"Marc has shown evidence of his unique education and specialized training when working with patients by finding and then correcting the contributing factors to a person's pain or dysfunction."


Stewart Sanders, PT, ATC

“I've had the pleasure to work with Marc for quite some time and his knowledge to help people get out of pain is exceptional.”


Dr. Jon Sakoda, DPT, OCS

"Marc is a brilliant Physical Therapist who uses evidence-based exercises to help individuals restore pain-free movement."