Our Story

Evercore has a vision to become the #1 website for injury prevention through Dr. Marc’s expertise as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Sam’s success building high-traffic websites.

Dr. Marc and Sam are committed to promote healthy living by teaching long-lasting habit improvements. Everything they do is focused on long-term growth instead of short-lived results.

They have produced several self-help, online programs teaching people how to recover from old, nagging injuries. In addition, they have developed one of the most effective lower back supports to tackle a leading cause of lower back pain: poor sitting posture.

Ultimately, they want everyone to wake up with energy, happiness, purpose, and freedom. It all starts with daily exercise of the mind and body.

Please support our mission to help people achieve a pain-free, active life. Improve your health habits by taking our online programs and investing in our fitness products.

Why Do We Sell Fitness Products?

The products we provide on our website were hand-picked by Dr. Marc. We believe these products are the most beneficial and provide you with the most value to maintain your fitness over time.

All of the products are lightweight, affordable, and easy to use while working at the office or traveling. They are perfect for the busy, on-the-go professional who wants to stay fit.

Several of our online programs use our products to help you move pain-free and get stronger. In addition, we have YouTube videos showing you how to properly use them.



I am a Physical Therapist who likes to think outside the box.  If you have experienced traditional, run-of-the-mill physical therapy before, you will find my approach refreshing and effective.

I enjoy weightlifting, improving my physique, and staying active. I love to get outdoors, play beach volleyball, and surf.

I value spending time with my friends and family.  In addition, I love meeting other motivated entrepreneurs who want more for their life.

I believe the mind-body connection is very important.  I gobble-up self-improvement books on my free time and follow a strict workout and nutrition program to keep my mind and body sharp.

I live in San Diego and I provide in-person physical therapy to select clients.  If you want to start moving pain-free, then I highly recommend taking our online programs and investing in our fitness products.

To your health,

Dr. Marc


I am a serial entrepreneur who has built several successful companies.  I partnered with Dr. Marc because we share a vision to help others achieve a better life.

I love to play hockey and stay active.  I’ve dealt with injuries during the years and I know the value of physical therapy and proper training to maintain an active lifestyle.

I also love to travel the world and meet new people. During the winter months, I spent my time in San Diego.  During the summer, I live and operate my tourism and fishing business in Vancouver Island, Canada.

If you are looking for a breathtaking getaway or  salmon fishing adventure, then let me know since I own the best salmon fishing charter on Vancouver Island!


Sam Vandervalk



Dr. Matt Pedrotti DPT, OCS

“I've worked in the same clinic as Marc for the last couple years and he creates a fun experience to help his patients restore mobility.”


Dr. Melissa Mora, DPT

"Marc is a great therapist with the talent to translate complex issues into simple solutions. He has studied the science of movement and uses his knowledge to reach anyone and everyone with an easy-to-follow approach. "


Dr. Nick Monday, DPT

"Marc has shown evidence of his unique education and specialized training when working with patients by finding and then correcting the contributing factors to a person's pain or dysfunction."


Stewart Sanders, PT, ATC

“I've had the pleasure to work with Marc for quite some time and his knowledge to help people get out of pain is exceptional.”


Dr. Jon Sakoda, DPT, OCS

"Marc is a brilliant Physical Therapist who uses evidence-based exercises to help individuals restore pain-free movement."

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