Target the Core of the Problem

What is Post-Rehab?

These are science-based exercises to help you get back to exercising without getting njured again. Post-Rehab is important to make sure your pain does not come back after being discharged from your physical therapist.

No pain medications. No surgery. No injections.


Our programs provide you an alternative to addictive pain medications:

  • Get stronger and improve functional mobility as you return to normal exercises, work routines, and day-to-day activities
  • Continue your healing process from a previous injury

Please note: Our online programs are intended to retrain proper posture and movement which targets the root cause of most injuries. You will get stronger and likely experience less pain. However, our courses are not intended to treat pain. If you need treatment, we recommend seeing your local physical therapist. If you live in San Diego, I provide personalized one-on-one treatment plans. Apply here to work with me.

You CAN Heal Yourself.

  • You can recover after back, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries.
  • You can prevent pain and injuries from returning.
  • You can unlock the keys to long-lasting good health.

Our programs will help you get stronger after you finish physical therapy or medical treatment. If you do not feel 100% yet, our programs are perfect for you. Get started with our low back recovery program: Click Here.


Benefits of Our Program


Get back to exercising or playing sports without getting injured again


Prevent common workplace injuries


Strengthen weak muscles that lead to injuries


Move pain-free with daily activities


Improve mobility, flexibility, and posture


Reduce wear and tear on the body

The Smart Way of the Future

The future of preventing injury focuses on empowering individuals to take a proactive approach to fix the BIG 3 root causes of pain: poor posture, poor movement, and poor training. By educating yourself with the right tools, you can learn how to manage pain and injuries better.

Our online programs provide detailed, instructional videos that show you how to perform most effective evidence-based exercises to stay out of pain and optimize performance.


Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Hey guys, I'm on a mission to help stop pain and injury through preventative exercises.  Our medical system is not doing enough to solve the root cause of pain which has led to the opioid crisis.  We live in a "quick fix" society and both the medical system and individual are in dire need of real solutions.

Fortunately, we know the root cause of many preventable injuries can be traced back to poor posture and movement habits.  The scientific correction of postural and movement patterns are vital to sustainable health in the body and the research supports this.  It's time we take personal responsibility for our health and start educating ourselves about proper movement.

I have ventured outside the traditional medical system and created step-by-step, online programs that will empower you to move better and avoid injuries instead of feeling reliant on your insurance company.  Under my guidance, I will help you achieve long-lasting strength and functional movement throughout your body.


Our Guests Reviews & Feedbacks

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Are You Tired of Back Pain?

Instead of feeling limited by back pain, you could feel stronger, more flexible, and pain-free.
No need for prescription pain medication.
No need for surgery.
The latest research shows that posture and movement education is the number #1 remedy for back pain.
I will show you how to fix the root cause of back pain in our extremely valuable and low-cost back recovery program.

Did You Know Strength Training Can Add Years to Your Life?!

A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that adults who perform strength promoting exercises have a 23 percent lower risk of premature death and a 31 percent lower risk of cancer-related deaths.This study included over 80,000 adults!

Check out our fitness products to help you workout anywhere.


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